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Setting the Goal of Life

I always think what is the goal of life is it money, is it travel or is it something else every human has different goals in life and I was wondering how we can decide what is the goal of our life. After much thinking, I have decided and written down the three goals of my life: health, wealth, and happiness.

After deciding my goals now I have to think how we can fulfil these goals

And I have listed following things which will help me to achieve my goals.

This article aims to help you find out your goals in life and set some goals in life that are very important and these goals will give you the purpose of life.

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Happiness

1. Health

First one and most important to every person on earth, I don’t think any one don’t want this goal in his/her life.

Otherwise, there will no good life. I have categorized the health goal into two subcategories

1. Mental Health:

Mental Health is very important to enjoy the life, to achieve our other goals.

In other words, we can call it peace of mind, inner peace, or anything you like and for me, this can be achieved by meditation, reading, sleep (yeah sleep is also important to me), or spirituality.

Meditation by startupfoundr.com

I want to add something to spirituality, believing in some power that created this universe is very helpful to ourselves this lifts the burden from our mind makes us feel that you simple thing in this universe, and believe me this will help you to feel hope for everything.

2. Physical health

Physical health can achieved by the exercise and eating healthy.

This is well know that our physical health decide out mind health very things is connected.

Workout by startupfoundr.com

In the exercise you can do anything that you like if you like running then you can go running or if you like swimming you can go for that also. So basically keeping our body-wise is by exercise and eating healthy is important.


The second goal of my life is wealth, yes wealth the real wealth.

Sometimes wealth word can be very confusing, let me tell you earning lot of money is not wealth.

So what is real wealth then, the having enough money that you can enjoy your freedom and you can buy the thing that you like. Or go to vacation that you want to go.

Too much accumulation of money and too much work for money is not worth it

Doing work that you like and enjoying is important in wealth creation.

Wealth by startupfoundr.com


Without happiness above everything is nothing for me happiness can be achieved by spending time with loved once. Having vacation, playing sport that you like

Happiness by startupfoundr.com

These are all my goals of life and this is not destination at the end but the everyday experiencing these goal is the real goal achievement.


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